Violet Township is home to thousands of highly skilled and highly trained workers. Over half of our adult population has an advanced degree and many of our residents are trained in technical areas as well. We are located in the Fairfield 33 Corridor, a place with a traditional history of farming and manufacturing. Combined with the diverse educational opportunities in the area, this makes Violet Township an ideal location for businesses in search of the people, skills and assistance they need to keep their operations running at peak performance. In fact, more than 43,000 workers leave the county to work in the greater Columbus area on a daily basis. This creates a fantastic opportunity for businesses wishing to locate in Violet Township.

There are an additional one-million people in the Columbus-metro region, making it possible for businesses to hire and retain the talent they need to be operational quickly.

Strategically Located Near Education Centers

Violet Township is strategically located with easy access to educational centers. Ohio University Pickerington Center is located in the township, creating opportunities for residents to earn a degree and for employers to advance the skills of their workforce. Additionally, we are located twenty to thirty minutes from Ohio’s largest universities - The Ohio State University and Ohio University. These universities provide access to a highly skilled and trained workforce, with a student base of more than 80,000.

We Make it Easy to Grow Your Business and Expand Your Workforce

In Violet Township, we make it easy for businesses to grow and work with area organizations to provide workforce training opportunities, resources, and incentives. You can find more information on workforce resources and programs on our website.