Violet Township’s Infrastructure is Designed for Growth

Violet Township participates in the Fairfield County Transportation Improvement District (“TID”), which has been established to help improve the transportation system in Fairfield County in order to contribute toward the creation and preservation of jobs and employment. The Fairfield County TID can work across geographic and political boundaries to pool public and private revenues to accelerate the engineering and construction of transportation projects. The TID can issue bonds and use the pooled revenue to pay debt service payments. The TID can be instrumental in moving road infrastructure projects forward quickly and efficiently to meet business development needs.

When location matters - move your business to Violet Township. Our infrastructure is built for growth and you can’t beat our location. With water and sewer provided by Fairfield County, services area already in place to allow for continued growth. From a transportation perspective, we are conveniently located in the southeast corner of the Central Ohio Metro Outerbelt area. Businesses who locate here can easily reach customers throughout the country since we are intersected by Interstate 70 and US Route 33. Two major railroads traverse the township, and Port Columbus and Rickenbacker International Airport are minutes away.

Major roadways in and around Violet Township include:

  • Highway 33
  • Interstate 70
  • Interstate 256
  • Highway 204
  • Interstate 270

Our infrastructure is designed to meet the demands of current businesses and homeowners, while allowing for growth in both the commercial and residential sectors.