Refugee Road Corridor

The Refugee Road Corridor represents where Violet Township is going. We are a choice township that is only twenty minutes from Columbus. Families are choosing to live here and commute to the city or work close to home. With a highly reputed school district and an urban feel, Violet Township has become the community of choice for families and businesses looking to put down roots and grow. This has led to incredible growth opportunities and we are prepared to keep growing.

A masterplan was prepared by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) in 2018 with input from a property owner and technical agency stakeholder committee.

Enjoy Beautiful Outdoor Spaces within the Corridor

This Master Plan will create a sustainable, multi-modal community with easy access to targeted bikeway paths and regional infrastructure.  The township anticipates the Master Plan providing connections to a planned multi-use path along Refugee Road, which will ultimately connect to the Blacklick Creek Trail which extends to three Metro Parks: Three Creeks; Pickerington Ponds; and Blacklick Woods. This will make it easy and convenient for residents to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces located within Violet Township.

In addition to active recreational opportunities, the mixed-use community will enable residents to obtain daily services within a walking distance. Life is more enjoyable when everything you need is just a short walk away. Our desire is to create an idyllic walkable community where residents can enjoy taking a stroll after dinner, biking on the weekend, playing at the park and enjoying our beautiful corner of Ohio, while being close to retail and a short drive from Columbus.

There are opportunities for developers, investors, and businesses to participate in the realization of the Refugee Road Corridor. For more information, contact us today.

The Refugee Pickerington Road Masterplan is based upon the principals outlined in the MORPC insight 2050 report for Central Ohio.  This report estimates that the Central Ohio region will grow by up to 1 million people and 610,000 jobs between 2010 and 2050.  It also estimates that approximately 420,000 new housing units will be needed to accommodate this population growth.  The Central Ohio demographics have also been changing as our region is growing younger and older resulting in the majority of the region’s growth over the next 30 years being households without children.  There is a growing demand for walkable neighborhoods and mixed use environments.

These insight 2050 principals have been translated into a masterplan for this corridor.  The plan also includes a thoroughfare plan for future road alignments to support the proposed development along with recommendations on how to make the road system more pedestrian friendly.  The below links include various components of the Refugee – Pickerington Road Master Plan. These are in DRAFT form and include: