Best Recital and Performance Space in Columbus, Ohio

Monday, May 17, 2021

The best recital and performance space in Columbus, Ohio is actually in Violet Township at the famous Wigwam Event Center. The Wigwam has a gorgeous remodeled theater with state of the art technology and lighting. This is where children have performed, local school groups have hosted events and non-profits have gathered for meetings and fundraisers. It is the ideal recital and performance space because the theater seating allows for a perfect view from anywhere in the space. Plus, with new seats and lighting everyone will be comfortable and see clearly everything that is happening on stage. 

The Wigwam Has the Best Recital and Performance Space Near Columbus

Since the Wigwam Event Center is owned by Violet Township, instead of a private company, it’s affordable to rent recital and performance space. That’s important for most of the community organizations and groups who do. We understand that affordability matters but it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or beauty. The Wigwam has all three and can be the perfect backdrop for your next event. Click here to learn more or to book yours. 

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