Best Meeting Space in Violet Township, Ohio

Monday, April 05, 2021

Board meetings, strategy sessions, corporate trainings and more can be hosted at the Wigwams meeting space. This is the best meeting space in Violet Township, Ohio. Architecturally stunning, recently remodeled and open for reservations - the Wigwam makes it easy to meet in person again because the space is large enough for everyone to comfortably spread out and socially distance. Even employees who have been working from home are likely to feel comfortable at the Wigwam. 

This is the Best Meeting Space in Violet Township

The Wigwam was historically used by the largest businesses in the Columbus region as a meeting space, retreat and entertainment hub. Now it is available to the general public, giving businesses, nonprofits, and community groups access to these incredible amenities. In addition to being the best meeting space near Columbus, the Wigwam is also used for weddings, recitals and other community events. 

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