Summer Wedding Space in Violet Township, Ohio

Monday, March 22, 2021

 Looking for the perfect summer wedding space in Violet Township or near Columbus, Ohio? Visit the Wigwam Center. This stunning property has acres of park space with native plants, vibrant trees, bushes and flowers. As a backdrop, this is nature at its finest. Plus, there are water features and a gazebo that make for the ideal wedding picture location. 

Summer Wedding Space Near Columbus, Ohio

This is one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding spaces in the Columbus area and ideal for any bride or groom looking for a summer wedding location that is truly jaw dropping. As an added benefit the Wigwam offers a level of seclusion that you won’t find in public parks or settings surrounded by other buildings. Here, it is unlikely that any foot traffic will disrupt the wedding or lead to an inadvertent wedding crasher. So, if you are looking for a summer wedding space that is beautiful and private, you should stop by or call us to learn about #WeddingsAtTheWigwam. 

Click here to book your summer wedding at the Wigwam.


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