Why Ohio Could Be the No. 1 Destination for Veteran Jobs and Businesses

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Move over, Texas: Ohio is coming in hot. The state is looking to attract the next generation of military families, entrepreneurs and veterans ready to join the civilian workforce. In a series of moves that decentralize economic aid and community support, JobsOhio wants veterans to come back to the heart of it all.

In 2011, Ohio privatized its economic development department into a nonprofit corporation: JobsOhio. Using the power of capitalism, it has since spurred job creation and business development in nine sectors.

The organization is now ready to begin attracting employers and talent in a 10th sector: military installations and the federal government. Unlike other sectors of the Ohio economy, such as transportation, agribusiness and manufacturing, it's not an area as well-known to Ohioans.

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