Ohio State offers Apple app development and coding certificate courses to the public

Monday, February 15, 2021

Key Economic Insights

  • Global: Global consumers are ready to unleash trillions of dollars in excess savings.
  • U.S.: Economists on average expected gross domestic product to expand nearly 4.9% this year. Hiring in the U.S. technology sector continued on its upward trajectory in January.
  • Ohio: Ohio landed four hospitals in the top 50 on Healthgrade’s 2021 America’s Best Hospitals list. Ohio State offers Apple app development and coding certificate courses to the public.

Global Insights

A new report shows global consumers are ready to unleash trillions of dollars in excess savings once the pandemic ends which will help boost developed countries’ GDP. The European Commission forecast that the Eurozone economic output would return to its pre-pandemic level earlier than previously expected. The Euro economy will grow by 3.8% this year, and at the same rate next year according to the commission. The region’s economy shrank by a record-breaking 6.8% last year. Without the resilience of the economies of East Asia and the Pacific, there would have been no global trade recovery at the end of last year, according to UNCTAD. New coronavirus variants are threatening the world’s economic recovery.

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