#1 Wedding Spot in Violet Township, Ohio

Monday, February 08, 2021

The #1 wedding spot in Violet Township, Ohio has to be the Wigwam Event Center. The love affair with the Wigwam goes back decades to when it was a retreat for some of Columbus’ most wealthy and famous residents and guests. It is incredibly private and peering down the long secluded driveway gives off a sense of being transported somewhere magical. This level of privacy and security is also ideal for weddings, especially for those hosted outdoors. 

The Wigwam itself is known for its architecture which resembles a lodge full of fine art and intricate carvings. As a backdrop, the building itself seems to be decorated for any event. When entering the banquet hall it is easy to see how it can be transformed into the #1 wedding spot in Violet Township. After all, the space can hold up to 500 people and looks good in any wedding color. The theater takes the venue to a new level with seating for up to 300 and a stage that is perfect for a ceremony or for dancing the night away. 

We invite you to visit the #1 wedding spot in Violet Township, Ohio and to secure your wedding date today!


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