With more than 10,000 students enrolled in the Pickerington Local School District, Violet Township has the largest school district within the county and is recognized for high student achievement. Pickerington Schools is home to two high schools, two junior high schools, three middle schools, seven elementary schools, a preschool, and a community school.

pickerington school districtThe Pickerington Local School District Listens

One of the many reasons that our education system is top-notch is that the school district listens to parents, students, and the community. In 2015, they completed a community perception survey to discover how the community perceived the school district and what areas should be improved upon. They found that over 87% of residents felt the district was moving in the right direction and that the quality of education was excellent or good and that teachers were doing an excellent job of educating students. This doesn’t mean that the district has stopped improving. Instead, they used the results of the survey to identify additional growth opportunities. For example, the district has a continued focus on the development and implementation of STEM programs designed to teach students the skills they will need to succeed in a high-tech economy.

Fun Facts

  • $13.6 million in scholarships were earned by Pickerington graduates in 2017
  • 96.8% graduation rate
  • 28.6% of students participate in AP courses
  • 22.7% of students earn an honors diploma
  • 80% of our teachers have a Master’s Degree

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Students may also choose to attend Eastland Fairfield Career and Tech if they are interested in a specialized education program.