Community Center

Violet Township has hired Moody Nolan and Rockmill Financial to complete a feasibility study and potential funding options to construct and operate a new community center.  This study is motivated by the results of a statistically valid 2016 recreation and leisure survey that indicates strong support for a new community center. A series of public meetings and focus group meetings will be conducted over the next several months to help the consultants identify recommendations for the size of the community center; the types of activities to be included in it; and the options for funding the construction and operation of the community center. Our goal is to continue to work with our residents to determine the feasibility and funding and present it to the voters to make the final decision to move forward with the construction of a community center.

logosHow to become involved in the process?

Contact Holly Mattei, Development Director, 614-575-5556 to join a focus group:

  • Youth Sports
  • Seniors
  • Moms/Toddlers
  • Teens/Tweens
  • Aquatics
  • Other