Violet Township is where families and businesses come to grow and thrive. We are a vibrant urbanized community that is still close to our agricultural roots and grounded in Midwestern values. We work hard but we also enjoy this beautiful area that we call home. We are surrounded by green fields and enjoy a country-feel, yet we have all the amenities we need here and are only twenty minutes from Columbus.

In Violet Township, we really do have it all.

Violet Township has a Highly Educated Workforce

Over half of our adult population has an advanced degree. Our workforce is highly trained and highly skilled, making it easy for businesses to locate in Violet and attract the talent they need to succeed. Plus, with over two-million people located in the region, businesses can staff up quickly.

Our School System is Highly Rated

The largest school district in Fairfield County is located within Violet Township. With more than 10,000 students enrolled in the Pickerington Local School District, it is the largest school district within the county and recognized for high student achievement. With two of Ohio’s largest universities -The Ohio State University and Ohio University - located nearby, there is a plethora of opportunities for citizens to continue their educational pursuits after graduation.

You Can’t Beat Our Location

When location matters - move your family and business to Violet Township. You can’t beat our location in the southeast corner of the Central Ohio Metro Outerbelt area. Businesses who locate here can easily reach customers throughout Ohio and the country. We are bordered by Interstate 70 and US Route 33. Two major railroads traverse the township, and Port Columbus and Rickenbacker International Airport are minutes away.

Businesses Win by Locating in Violet Township

Violet Township is an attractive area for commercial developers, businesses, and investors. Plus, we have designated growth corridors, making it easier to identify developable properties and break ground quickly. Violet Township offers opportunities that are unavailable in other areas of the county or state.